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The Players

Evie, famous antiquarian and archaeologist
Miles, student of biology
Willy Wright, railroad worker
Rosalyn, meek librarian
Sister Mary, nun and confidant of Rosalyn
Patrick O’Connor, police detective
Jeannie Barnes, Frankie’s widow
Arthur Chapman, sailor and veteran of the Great War

We will never forget those who gave their lives in service to the investigation…
Frankie Barnes, mechanic and former athlete
Chuck Lucino, mafia hitman
Herbert Harkness, wealthy layabout socialite
Adam Cooper, police detective
Marilyn Cook, author and socialite
Harry, begrudging cab driver

Important Places

New York
The Chelsea Hotel
The Ju-Ju House
Harvard University
Prospero House Publishing

Notable places from an innocent time…
The Blue Heaven Ballroom
Miskatonic University
Ross’s Corners
The farmhouse at Ross’s Corners

Important People

New York
Jackson Elias, deceased, occult author and friend of the party
Jonah Kensington, editor at Prospero House

Ghosts of the past, illusions to us now…
Leroy Turner, trumpet player for the Five-Star Band driven mad by his unearthly horn
Rupert Merriweather, deceased, one of six who summoned a demon
Henry Armitage, head librarian at Miskatonic University
Harney Rooger, backwoods mountainman in communion with Ithaqua
Arthur Cornthwaite, millionaire gone missing in Connecticut

Important Events

New York
The Death of Jackson Elias

A chronicle of our history, its secrets perhaps best left forgotten…
Dead Man’s Stomp, in which a corpse twice-dead changes seven lives forever
Edge of Darkness, in which a vile summoning breaks a tenuous friendship
The Madman, in which tragedy strikes a village in Vermont
Crack’d and Crook’d Manse, in which a missing person leads to a terrible misfortune

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The Call of Cthulhu: Nyarlathotep's Mask dreidrachen