The Call of Cthulhu: Nyarlathotep's Mask

The Trail of the Bloody Tongue

New allies emerge

My body has died, but my spirit remains with my friends, and I shall offer guidance and protection from beyond the grave. Either that or my improsoned spirit is deluding itself with pointless tales in an effort to preserve its individuality and delay the inevitable dissolution into an alien hive mind, but it’s important to stay positive!

If the Cult of the Bloody Tongue (or Nyarlathotep?) is to be defeated, the missing expedition must be found. The trail leads to England, so that is where our heroes must go. In this time of great darkness, two mighty warriors have arisen to join the party.

Jeanie Barnes (née Malone) is a fiery redhead with a temper to match. Growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, she can hold her own in any scrap, whether it’s with her fists, feet, forehead, or her trusty revolver.

Determined to return home with her missing husband or avenge his death, she has been told that the Mafioso Chuck Lucino murdered him and fled to England. A bit of a double-edged sword, she is not yet trusted by the party. She might not be ready to hear the truth about her husband’s death yet, but it would be unfortunate for all involved if she discovered on her own that she was being lied to.

Arthur Chapman is a veteran of the Great War. The trenches of the Somme left their scars on him, but his combat skills are unmatched. With rifle, fist and a rock-like head, he has offered the use of his mighty vessel “The Sea Bitch” to ferry the party back to his native England. Will he find healing or damnation on this journey? None can say, but guesses can be made.

What shall our investigators discover in Great Britain? Will they discover traces of the vanished expedition and the vile cult? Will they even make it off the ship alive?

Well, dear souls, you’ll just have to tune in next time, for another installment of “Beyond the Grave with Marilyn Cooke.”



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