The horror at the Ju-Ju House was just too much.

We mourn the deaths of two of our own, Marilyn and Harry, as the investigation into the Ju-Ju House took a tragic turn. Witnessing three dozen frenzied cultists killing two screaming victims in the name of their god was just too much for Marilyn; she ran into the thick of the ritual, gun blazing, and found herself a sudden sacrifice to the dark god Nyarlathotep. Harry tried to cover her, to save her one more time from a terrible fate, but luck couldn’t save him tonight. Together, they were carved and consumed by a Chakota. Willy, who stood by their side on the descent, abandoned his friends and ran for his life.

Our team of investigators is now a known quantity, and the cult is aware that at least one of them has escaped their vengeance. Now, they sail east, looking to pick up Jackson’s trail of research in foggy London, and hoping the Cult of the Bloody Tongue cools off.

The Call of Cthulhu: Nyarlathotep's Mask