Jonah Kensington

Editor at Prospero House


Jonah Kensington was Jackson Elias‘s publisher and knew him very well. When the team first approached him, he was still stricken with grief over Jackson’s untimely death. He seemed to feel as if Jackson had been in way over his head for a long time, and that something in his research must have contributed to his murder. He specifically mentioned the Carlyle Expedition, and that Jackson was skeptical that any of the principals involved with that mission were truly dead.

Mr. Kensington supplied the investigators with two important pieces of information: a set of notes taken by Jackson Elias while in Nairobi, and another nigh incomprehensible note written while he was in London. Jonah supported their decision to carry on his research, but urged them to do so with extreme caution.


Jonah Kensington

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