Frankie Barnes

DECEASED; Mechanic and former athlete


Frankie is strong in an athletic way; not so much as a fighter or grappler. He’s fast and has a good throwing arm. His father’s wealth has helped his reputation, and he’s a skilled mechanic to boot.


Frankie Barnes never graduated high school, which ruined his dreams of going pro. His cheerleader high school sweetheart left him (she wasn’t gonna settle for a wash-out). He had a few self-destructive years after that, when he got really into the roaring 20’s scene. After knocking up a flapper girl named Jeannie Malone, his dad finally woke up to what was happening to his golden boy.

Dad laid down the law, cut off his allowance, and said the only penny Frankie would ever see would be what he earned himself. He married Jeannie (he’s not a monster, and honestly wanted to make an honest woman of her, despite his father’s objections over marrying an Irish whore), and together they’ve built a life in the suburbs. Their house is modest, but enough for them and their two kids and golden retriever. Husband and wife argue frequently, as neither is really living the life they would have chosen, but they have come to genuinely love each other.

Now that dad’s been cracking the whip, Frankie’s finding that he does have a functional brain, and has a talent for fixing machines.

At times proud of what he’s been able to accomplish, and happy living a quiet life with his wife and kids, and at times brooding, boozy, and regretful over stolen stardom, he is a young man at a crossroads. Whether he learns to accept reality and enjoy his current life, or destroys himself chasing the phantoms of dead dreams remains to be seen.

Frankie Barnes

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